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Welcome to Lindemy

University of Wissen

Lifelong Learning

Lindemy (Lingua Academy) can be seen as a language treasure. It’s a platform which collects most commonly used languages of the world under a single roof with native speakers and language learners.

The most important language learning theory that known is learning along the way. Including technology in this process, will increase the success of language learning, too. Lindemy, as a language platform that uses gamification based education model, appears as one of the best language learning platforms of the future.

Lindemy is a language learning platform that completely developed inside the university by Education scientists and software engineers and then supported by academics from different universities that specialized in language education from different countries of the world.

After completing the education, all attendants of Lindemy language learning platform will receive an attendance certificate from the University of Wissen. The University of Wissen is a higher education institution that operates from Zurich.


Frequently Asked Questions

For payment, you can use Paypal you can also buy packages use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Etherium.

Our teachers are either native English speakers or people who have an English language degree.

As we stated before, to become a tutor, you either have to be a native English speaker or you must have an English language degree. To prove that, they either send a copy of their diploma or a copy of their identity card. Then they upload a minute-long video of them, talking about a random topic to Lindemy education system. We can request a second video if needed. Only 20% per cent of applicant gets to be a tutor at Lindemy. We always keep an eye on our tutors to make sure that our users get the best service out there.

After confirming that some technical problems occurred during your session with a tutor, we refund your payment back to you.

With the language education packages that you’ve bought from lindemy education platform, you will receive a certificate from the University of Wissen, a university that operates from Switzerland.

You can send us a ticket or contact our Whatsapp live support line.

If the internet connection is lost during a session, we will refund your remaining minutes back to you. If this happens more than three times, you will not receive your remaining minutes.

For the first time, there will not be any cuts. However, if you book a session and then do not attend to it, its price will be taken from your account.

You can track your progress via your profile. At your profile, you can check your payments and recipes, how many hours did you spend on our system etc.

After your package expires an e-mail will be sent to you automatically to cancel the auto subscription. Your package will not be renewed unless you order it.

The subscriptions that already paid must be used within one month at most, the payments of the subscriptions that have not used within a month, will not be refunded.

With our gamification system, our users can track their progress, can learn new words with other users, join quiz shows with other users and analyze their language skills and compare their skills to others.

We do not record the sessions for privacy reasons.